Information Technology Seminar I: Schedule

Text Processing with Ruby

Aoyama Gakuin University, Spring 2016, Martin J. Dürst (last updated 2016-06-24)

(links to presentations and minutes are only accessible with a password)

Chapter and page numbers refer to Text Processing with Ruby, Rob Miller, The Pragmatic Programmers, 2015.

April 13
Introduction: Martin J. Dürst
Homework for April 20: Install Ruby (install the latest versions of Ruby from RubyInstaller, also download DevKit, and for Cygwin (update or add to installation); for Mac, check separately)
For a gentle introduction to Ruby, please also see Programming Basics II (2011)
April 20
Introduction to Ruby (bring your notebook PC)
April 27 (minutes: 原田)
a) Reading from Files (pp. 1-18): 大森
b) Processing Standard Input (pp. 19-27): 飯島
May 4: Golden Week Holiday
May 11 (minutes: 飯島)
c) Shell One-Liners (pp. 29-40); 宮本
d) Flexible Filters with ARGF (pp. 41-49): 細川
May 18 (minutes: 細川)
e) Delimited Data (pp. 51-62): 新藤
f) Scraping HTML (pp. 63-77): 香山
May 25 (minutes: 香山)
g) Scraping HTML, continued (pp. 77-88): 多田
h) Encodings (pp. 89-100): 吉田
June 1 (minutes: 多田)
i) Regular Expression Basics (pp. 103-114): 原田
A) Extraction and Substitution (pp. 115-126): 飯島
June 8 (minutes: 吉田)
B) Writing Parsers (pp. 127-135): 大森
C) Rule-Based Parsers (pp. 135-153): 宮本
June 15 (minutes: 宮本)
D) Natural Language Processing (pp. 155-170): 新藤
E) Standard Output and Standard Error (pp. 171-187): 多田
June 22 (minutes: 新藤)
F) Writing to other Processes and to Files (pp. 189-198): 原田
G) Serialization and Structure: JSON, XML, CSV (pp. 199-211): 吉田
June 29 (minutes: 大森)
H) Templating Output with ERB (pp. 213-226): 香山
I) HAML (separate documentation): 細川
July 6: Practical Applications (1)
Compiling/improving Ruby: Homework: Compile Ruby following the instructions
July 13: Practical Applications (2)
Text/data processing with Ruby
July 20: Research on Ruby at the Software Lab
July 23 (Saturday): Research at the Software Lab
(July 24-31: Term final exams)