Schedule of Language Theory and Compilers

Aoyama Gakuin University, Spring term 2022, Martin J. Dürst (last updated April 4)

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[April 8]   → オンデマンド
Overview: Applications of language theory and compilers, structure of compilers
授業の概要: 言語理論とコンパイラの応用分野、コンパイラ全体の仕組み
April 15
Importance, definition, and classification, definition of formal languages
April 22
Deterministic and non-deterministic finite state automata
April 29 [Showa Day / 昭和の日、授業実施日]
Linear grammars and regular expressions
May 6
Tools for lexical analysis
May 13
From lexical analysis to parsing / 字句解析から構文解析へ
May 20
Parsing context-free languages / 文脈自由言語の構文解析
May 27
Top-down parsing / 下向き構文解析
June 3
Use of tools for parsing / 構文解析ツールの使い方
June 10
Principles of bottom-up parsing / 上向き構文解析の原理
June 17
Error processing, intermediate representation, semantic analysis
June 24
Turing Machines / チューリング機械
July 1
Code generation / コード生成
July 8
Code optimization / 最適化
July 15
Executing environment: garbage collection, virtual machines
July 25 - August 1
Final exam / 期末試験