Rails, Controllers, and MVC

7th lecture, May 27, 2019

Projects in Information Technology II


Martin J. Dürst


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Last Lecture's Exercise 6b:
Web Page with Wrestler Table

Problem: Many different parts of processing are mixed up. This may work for such a small example, but will not scale.


Course Overview


Creating a Rails Application


Rails Directory Structure


The app Directory


MVC - Model-View-Controller

A diagram of Model-View-Controller, showing the controller at the top, the view at the bottom left, and the model at the bottom right


MVC Limits


MVC in Rails

A diagram depicting MVC in Ruby on Rails


Rails Controller


Rails View


Rails Routing


Rails Commands Used Today

All commands except rails new have to be executed in the application directory.


Why is Rails So Slow?


Exercise 7a: Create a Rail Application


Exercise 7b: Say Hello



Exercise 7c: Say Goodbye



Find at least 3 explanations on the Web about MVC. Read and compare them.