12th lecture, July 1, 2019

Projects in Information Technology II

Martin J. Dürst


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Today's Schedule


Last Lecture's Exercises


Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA)

Caution: Before deploying the examples in this lecture to a real-world application, be sure to carefully check for security problems.


Routing and URI/Path Helpers


Rails Control Flow

(see also diagram in written test)


Callbacks: before_action and Friends


Protected and Private Methods




Exercise Overview


Exercise 12a: Login Fix


Exercise 12b: Checking Login


Exercise 12c: Roles for Users


Exercise 12d: Checking Roles


Exercise 12e: Advanced Exercise (発展問題)

As advanced exercises, you can do exercise 12e only, or exercise 12f only, or both.


Exercise 12f: Advanced Exercise (発展問題)