Information Technology Seminar II: Schedule

Learning Rails 5

Aoyama Gakuin University, Fall 2016, Martin J. Dürst (last updated 2016-10-11)

(links to presentations and minutes are only accessible with a password)

Chapter and page numbers refer to Learning Rails 5, J. Mark Locklear with Barnabas Bulpett and Eric J. Gruber, O'Reilly, 2016.

(See also code examples on github, book website, errata, Rails Guides, Rails API documentation)

September 21
Introduction: Martin J. Dürst

Selection of topics and scheduling (first part)

Preparation for next time:

September 28
Introduction to Ruby and Ruby on Rails: Martin J. Dürst

Preparations for next time:

October 5 ()
Making Slides with XHTML and Amaya: Martin J. Dürst

Selection of topics (second part)

October 12 (minutes: 和光)
A: Adding Web Style (pp. 27-41): 山川
B: Managing Data Flow: Controllers and Models (pp. 43-62): 窪田
October 19 (minutes: 窪田)
C: Accelerating Development with Scaffolding and REST (pp. 63-85): 小俣
D: Presenting Models with Forms (pp. 87-111): 菊池
October 26 (minutes: 山川)
E: Strengthening Models with Validation (pp. 113-129): 和光
F: Improving Forms (pp. 131-152): 柳田
November 2 (minutes: 菊池)
G: Developing Model Relationships (pp. 153-173): 鎌田
H: Many-to-Many: Connecting Students to Courses (pp. 173-189): 杉山
November 9 (minutes: 柳田)
I: Managing Databases with Migrations (pp. 191-207): 柿沼
J: Debugging (pp. 209-223): 石川
November 16 (minutes: 鎌田)
a: Testing (pp. 225-250): 山川
b: Sessions and Cookies (pp. 251-262): 小俣
(November 23: Labor Thanksgiving Day)
November 30 (minutes: 杉山)
c: Users and Authentication (pp. 263-284): 柿沼
d: Routing (pp. 285-296): 和光
December 7 (minutes: 小俣)
e: From CSS to Sass (pp. 297-307): 菊池
f: Managing Assets and Bundles (pp. 309-319): 石川
December 14 (minutes: 柿沼)
g: JavaScript and CoffeeScript (pp. 321-329): 鎌田
h: Mail in Rails; Pushing Further (pp. 331-349): 窪田
December 21 (minutes: 石川)
i: Rails Internationalization (I18n, 柳田
j: Rails Doctrine ( 杉山
(December 28/January 4: Winter Vacations)
January 11
Presentations of Research at Software Lab

Kariyado: Similarity Detection in Student Programs

Yashiki: Web Sockets and REST

Koike: Extension of the Ruby Stack

Koyama: Improvement of Unicode Property Support in Ruby

Ishii: Constructive Solid Geometry Operations in the 3DCG Framework Sardonyx

Sato: Improving Internationalization Support in Ruby on Rails

January 18
Lab Presentations (Building E)
(January 25 - February 1: Term Final Exams)