Information Technology Seminar II: Schedule

Modern Web Application Technology

Aoyama Gakuin University, Fall 2015, Martin J. Dürst (last updated 2016-01-13)

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September 30
Introduction: Martin J. Dürst

Selection of topics and scheduling (first part)

Preparations for next time:

October 7
Making Slides with XHTML and Amaya: Martin J. Dürst
October 14 (minutes: 徳永)
梅原: HTML5 Basics: Background and document structure; Introducing HTML 5, Second Edition, Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp, New Riders Press, 2011, Introduction/Chapter 1, pp. ix-21.

弓田: HTML5 Text Elements; Introducing HTML 5, Second Edition, Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp, New Riders Press, 2011, Chapter 2, pp. 23-78.

October 21 (minutes: 梅原)
吉田: CSS Basics: Everything you ever wanted to know about the basics of CSS.

加藤: CSS3 Media Queries and Responsive Design: Media Queries, W3C Recommendation 19 June 2012, Florian Rivoal; Responsive Design with CSS3 Media Queries, Nick La, 2011; Responsive Web Design, Ethan Marcotte, A List Apart, 2010; Media Queries (example site).

October 28 (minutes: 弓田)

長澤: HTTP 1.1: HTTP: The Protocol Every Web Developer Must Know – Part 1, Part 2, Pavan Podila, April 2013.

徳永: HTTP 2.0: Making the web faster with HTTP 2.0, Ilya Grigorik, CACM, Volume 56, Issue 12, December 2013, pp. 42-49; HTTP/2.0 - The IETF Is Phoning It In, Paul-Henning Kamp, CACM, Volume 58, Issue 3, March 2015, pp. 40-42.

November 4 (minutes: 吉田)
森島: URIs: Cool URIs don't change, Tim Berners-Lee, 1998; The Web Model, Tim Berners-Lee, 1998; URI Model Consequences, Jim Gettys, 1998; Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax, RFC 3986, Tim Berners-Lee, Roy Fielding, and Larry Masinter, 2005; The 'mailto' URI Scheme, RFC 6068, Martin Dürst, Larry Masinter, and Jamie Zawinski, October 2010.
青木: IRIs: On the Goodness of Unicode, Tim Bray, Ongoing, 2003; Internationalized Resource Identifiers: From Specification to Testing, Martin Dürst, 19th International Unicode Conference, Sept. 2001; Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs), RFC 3987, Martin Dürst and Michel Suignard, 2005.
November 11 (minutes: 長澤)
中野: JavaScript: JavaScript basics: A re-introduction to JavaScript, Simon Willison, Mozilla Developer Network.
矢舗: DOM, JQuery: From JavaScript - The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition, David Flanagan, O'Reilly, 2011: Chapter 15, Scripting Documents, pp. 361-386; JQuery Basics, Traversing & Manipulating, Events and Event Delegation, Bocoup, LLC.
November 18 (minutes: 矢舗)
梅原: Web Audio. Web Audio API – Getting started, CreativeCS; HTML5 Web Audio API Tutorial: Building a Virtual Synth Pad, Armando Roggio; Web Audio API, Paul Adenot and Chris Wilson, W3C Editor's Draft 19 October 2015.
弓田: WebRTC. Real-Time Communications in the Web - Issues, Achievements, and Ongoing Standardization Efforts, Salvatore Loreto, Simon Pietro Romano, IEEE Internet Computing, Sept./Oct. 2012, Vol. 16, No. 5, pp. 68-73; Getting Started with WebRTC, Sam Dutton, July 2012.
November 25 (minutes: 青木)

森嶋: MathML. A Beginner's Guide to MathML, Daniel I. Scully, 2010-2013; Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) Version 3.0 2nd Edition, Daniel Carlisle et al., W3C Recommendation 10 April 2014.

December 2 (minutes: 青木)
中野: SVG. SVG Tutorial, David Duce, Ivan Herman, and Bob Hopgood; Using SVG with HTML5 tutorial, Edutech Wiki.
徳永: Canvas 2D. Canvas From Scratch (Introducing Canvas, Advanced Drawing, Transformations and Gradients, Pixel Manipulation), Rob Hawkes, 2011.
December 9 (minutes: 加藤)
吉田: WebGL. WebGL Specification, Version 1.0.2, Chris Marrin, March 2013; WebGL Essentials, Part I, July 2012, Part II, August 2012, Part III, October 2012, all by Gabriel Manricks; WebGL 1.0 API Quick Reference Card.

長澤: WebVTT: WebVTT: The Web Video Text Tracks Format, Simon Pieters, Draft Community Group Report, November 2015; Getting Started With the Track Element, Sam Dutton, February 2012; An Introduction to WebVTT and <track>, Ian Devlin, June 2012.

December 16 (minutes: 中野)

青木: Web Workers. The Basics of Web Workers, Eric Bidelman, July 2010; Getting Started with Web Workers, Agraj Mangal, October 2012; Web Workers, Ian Hickson, W3C Working Draft 24 September 2015.

矢舗: WebSocket. WebSocket, Chapter 17 of High Performance Browser Networking, Chapter 17, Ilya Grigorik, O'Reilly, 2013; The WebSocket Protocol, RFC 6455, Ian Fette and Alexey Melnikov, 2011; Web sockets, Section 9.3 of HTML Living Standard.
December 23/30 (Winter Vacations)
January 6 (minutes: 森嶋)
加藤: Web Fonts. CSS Fonts Module Level 3, W3C Candidate Recommendation 3 October 2013; Web Fonts: Quick Guide to Implement Webfonts via @font-face, Paul Irish; Google Fonts - Getting Started.
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January 13
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January 20
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January 26 - February 2
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