Information Technology Seminar I: Schedule

Confident Ruby

Aoyama Gakuin University, Summer 2015, Martin J. Dürst (last updated 2015-07-15)

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Chapter and page numbers refer to Confident Ruby by Avdi Grimm, 2013.

April 8
Introduction: Martin J. Dürst
Homework for April 15: Install Ruby (install the latest versions of Ruby from RubyInstaller)
For a gentle introduction to Ruby, please also see Programming Basics II (2011)
April 15
Introduction to Ruby
April 22 (minutes: 越森)
a) Foreword, Preface, Introduction (pp. ix-xiv, 1-11): 小池
b) Performing Work (pp. 13-23; manuscript): 田村
April 29 (minutes: 田村)
c) Collecting Input (pp. 25-33; manuscript): 山廣
d) Use built-in protocols (pp. 34-46; manuscript): 檜垣
May 6: Golden Week Holiday
May 13 (minutes: 小池)
e) Conditionally call conversion methods (pp. 47-55; manuscript): 高木
f) Define conversion to user-defined types (pp. 56-66): 畠
May 20 (minutes: 高木)
g) Use the Array() conversion function to array-ify inputs (pp. 67-77): 大場
h) Replace "string typing" with classes (pp. 78-96; manuscript): 越森
May 27 (minutes: 大場)
i) Use transparent adapters to gradually introduce abstraction (pp. 97-106; manuscript): 坂倉
A) Use #fetch to assert the presence of Hash keys (pp. 107-124; manuscript): 檜垣
June 3 (minutes: 檜垣)
B) Document assumptions with assertions (pp. 125-148): 畠
C) Represent do-nothing cases as null objects (pp. 149-166; manuscript): 山廣
June 10 (minutes: 畠)
D) Use symbols as placeholder objects (pp. 167-186; manuscript): 田村
E) Yield a parameter builder object (pp. 187-205; manuscript): 越森
June 17 (minutes: 山廣)
F) Delivering Results (pp. 207-223): 大場
G) Return a status object (pp. 224-243; manuscript): 坂倉
June 24 (minutes: 坂倉)
H) Handling Failure (pp. 245-257): 高木
I) Refactoring for Confidence (pp. 259-276): 小池
July 1: Practical Applications (1)
July 8: Practical Applications (2)
July 15: Research on Ruby at the Software Lab
Ruby のしくみ, Tatsuya Tanaka (B4)
Ruby の国際化, Kimihito Matsui (M2)
SVuGy, Sei Kurimura (B4)
July 22: Research on Ruby at the Software Lab
自然追跡装置の研究, Chihiro Nakagawa
Ruby on Rails, Martin J. Dürst
(July 24-31: Term final exams)