Information Technology Seminar II: Schedule

Web Applications: HTML5 and Beyond

Aoyama Gakuin University, Fall 2012, Martin J. Dürst (last updated 2012-11-27)

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September 26
Introduction: Martin J. Dürst

Selection of topics and scheduling

October 3
Making Slides with XHTML and Amaya: Martin J. Dürst
Preparation: Install Amaya ( and Opera (
Preparation: Send wireless MAC address to Dr. Matsubara
October 10
嶋田: HTML 5 (new elements and attributes), manuscript; Introducing HTML 5, Second Edition, Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp, Introduction/Chapter 1/2; HTML5 differences from HTML4, Anne van Kesteren and Simon Pieters, W3C Working Draft 29 March 2012 (minutes: 川上)
October 17
徳田: CSS3; CSS Transforms, W3C Working Draft, 11 September 2012, Simon Fraser et al.; CSS Backgrounds and Borders, Module Level 3, W3C Candidate Recommendation, 24 July 2012; CSS Flexible Box Layout Module, W3C Candidate Recommendation, 18 September 2012; CSS Multi-column Layout Module, W3C Candidate Recommendation, 12 April 2011; Introducing…, Paul Irish, 2010 (minutes: 大内)
October 24
(no Seminar, Unicode & Internationalization Conference 35)
October 31

三宅: HTTP (basics, SPYD/HTTP2), manuscript; Webmaster in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, Robert Eckstein and Stephen Spainhour, O'Reilly Media, 2002, chapters 17-19; Caching Tutorial, Mark Nottingham; software for demos: Wireshark; SPDY - or maybe HTTP2.0, presentation by Andreas Bjärlestam (minutes: 嶋田)

November 7
URIs and IRIs (and URLs), Universal Resource Identifiers -- Axioms of Web Architecture, Tim Berners-Lee; Cool URIs don't change, Tim Berners-Lee; Internationalized Resource Identifiers: From Specification to Testing, Martin J. Dürst
November 14
荻野: SVG; SVG Tutorial, David Duce, Ivan Herman, and Bob Hopgood; HTML5 - SVG, Tutorialspoint (minutes: 三宅)
November 21
宮入: JavaScript; A Survey of the JavaScript Programming Language, Douglas Crockford; Eloquent JavaScript - A Modern Introduction to Programming, Marijn Haverbeke, No Starch Press, 2011 (minutes: 徳田)
November 28

松田: HTML+RDFa, HTML Microdata; RDFa 1.1 Primer - Rich Structured Data Markup for Web Documents, Ben Adida, Ivan Herman, Manu Sporny, and Mark Birbeck, W3C Working Group Note, June 2012; HTML Microdata, Ian Hickson,

W3C Working Draft, October 2012; Rich snippets (microdata, microformats, and RDFa), Google Webmaster Tools (minutes: 荻野)

December 5
塩入: HTML Canvas (2D Context); Learning the basics of HTML5 canvas, Rob Hawkes, .net magazine; HTML5 canvas - the basics, Mihai Sucan, Dev.Opera; HTML Canvas 2D Context, Rik Cabanier, Eliot Graff, Jay Munro, Tom Wiltzius, and Ian Hickson, W3C Working Draft, October 2012 (minutes: 宮入)
December 10 (Monday!), 14:55-16:25 (makeup class)
Talks/Demost by Software Lab Students
繪面 (B4): Implementing HTML5 in Amaya

諸富 (B4): SVG, SVuGy, and Chart Drawing

加藤 (B4): Augmented Reality in the Browser
野島 (M2): Unicode Normalization and IRI Library
大嶋 (M2): Bidirectional XML and IRIs
December 12
川上: WebRTC; Media Capture and Streams, Daniel C. Burnett and Anant Narayanan, W3C Working Draft, June 2012; WebRTC 1.0: Real-time Communication Between Browsers, Adam Bergkvist, Daniel C. Burnett, Cullen Jennings, and Anant Narayanan,W3C Working Draft, August 2012; HTML5 WebRTC: Real Time Communications for the Web, Cullen Jennings, Video, August 2012; Google I/O 2012 - WebRTC: Real-time Audio/Video and P2P in HTML5, Justin Uberti, Video, June 2012 (minutes: 松田)
December 19
大内: WebFonts; WOFF File Format 1.0, Jonathan Kew, Tal Leming, Erik van Blokland, W3C Proposed Recommendation, October 2012; Web Fonts: Quick Guide to Implement Webfonts via @font-face, Paul Irish; Fonts on the Web, Chris Lilley (minutes: 塩入)
December 26/January 2 (Winter Vacations)
January 9
Lab Presentations
January 15-17
(makeup classes)
January 21 - February 2
(Term Final Exams)