Information Technology Seminar II: Schedule

New Generation Web Applications: HTML5 and Friends

Aoyama Gakuin University, Fall 2011, Martin J. Dürst (last updated 2011-09-28)

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September 21
Introduction: Martin J. Dürst
September 28

Making Slides with XHTML and Amaya: Martin J. Dürst

Preparation: Install Amaya ( and Opera (

Preparation: Send wireless MAC address to Dr. Matsubara

October 5
伊藤: HTML 5: New Elements and Attributes (HTML5 differences from HTML4, Anne van Kesteren and Simon Pieters, W3C Working Draft 25 May 2011; New elements in HTML 5, Elliotte Rusty Harold, IBM Developer Works Technical Library, 2007) (minutes: 人見)
October 12
白石: CSS3: Borders, Backgrounds, Text Effects, Transforms, Transitions, Animations, Multiple Columns (CSS3 Tutorial, W3Schools; Introducing…, Paul Irish, 2010) (minutes: 尾崎)
October 19 (no Seminar, Unicode & Internationalization Conference 35)
October 26
河野: HTTP: HTTP Made Really Easy, James Marshall; Caching Tutorial, Mark Nottingham; software for demos: Wireshark (minutes: 田中)
November 2

堀: URIs and IRIs: Cool URIs don't change, Tim Berners-Lee; Internationalized Resource Identifiers: From Specification to Testing, Martin J. Dürst (minutes: 白石)

November 9
諸富: JavaScript: A Survey of the JavaScript Programming Language, Douglas Crockford; JavaScript: The World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language, Douglas Crockford (minutes: 河野)
November 16
鈴木: Web Forms: HTML5 Forms Input Types, Attributes and New Elements - Demos, Tips and Tricks, Robert Nyman (minutes: 堀)
November 23: Labour Thanksgiving Day
November 30
井汲: SVG: Introduction to Scalable Vector Graphics, Nicholas Chase (minutes: 諸富)
December 7
石原: Canvas: Canvas Tutorial, Mozilla Developer Network; HTML5 Canvas - the Basics, Mihai Sucan, (minutes: 鈴木)
December 14
尾崎: Web Fonts: Web Fonts: Quick Guide to Implement Webfonts via @font-face, Paul Irish; Fonts on the Web, Chris Lilley (minutes: 井汲)

December 21

田中: WebSockets: HTML5 Web Sockets: A Quantum Leap in Scalability for the Web, Peter Lubbers and Frank Greco (minutes: 石原)
December 21, 14:55-16:25 (4th period, makeup class):
人見: Web Workers and Web Storage: The Basics of Web Workers, Eric Bidelman; Introduction to HTML5 Web Storage, Lars Kappert; (minutes: 伊藤)

December 28/January 4 (Winter Vacations)

January 11
Lab Presentations

January 18 (makeup classes)

January 21 - February 3 (Term Final Exams)