Information Technology Seminar I: Schedule

Testing with Ruby

Aoyama Gakuin University, Summer 2011, Martin J. Dürst (last updated 2011-06-15)

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Pages refer to The RSpec Book - Behavior-Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends, David Chelimsky et al., The Pragmatic Programmers, 2010.

April 13
Introduction: Martin J. Dürst
Homework up to April 20: 1) Install Ruby (details); 2) Design tests for triangle problem (handout)
April 20: Ruby Introduction (minutes: 本多)
a) Variables, Conditionals (Learning Ruby, Michael Fitzgerald, O'Reilly, 2007, pp. 23-30, 47-59): 宮武
b) Strings and Math (Learning Ruby, pp. 60-92): 松井
April 27: Ruby Details (minutes: 古堂)
c) Arrays and Hashes (Learning Ruby, pp. 93-114): 絵面
d) Methods and Classes (Learning Ruby, pp. 35-43, 125-138): 速水
May 4 (Holiday)
May 11: Testing Overview, Test::Unit,... (minutes: 速水)
e) The Psychology and Economics of Program Testing (The Art of Sofware Testing, Second Edition, Glenford J. Meyers et al., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004, pp. 5-20): 朝倉
f) Test::Unit (Programming Ruby 1.9, Dave Thomas et al., The Pragmatic Programmers, 2009, pp. 183-194, 203/4): 杉本
May 18: Introduction to RSpec and Cucumber (minutes: 杉本)
g) Introduction, Hello, Describing Features (pp. 3-34): 赤名
h) Automatic Features, Describing Code, Adding Features (pp. 35-65): 石原
May 25: Specification and Refactoring (minutes: 宮武)
i) Specifying an Algorithm, Refactoring (pp. 67-106): 古堂
j) Behavior-Driven Development (pp. 109-133): 五十嵐
June 1: RSpec Examples and Expectations (minutes: 五十嵐)
k) RSpec Code Examples (pp. 137-156): 本多
A) RSpec::Expectations (pp. 157-177): 松井
June 8: Mocks, Tools (minutes: 松井)
B) RSpec::Mocks (pp. 179-211): 絵面
C) Tools, Integration, Extension (pp. 214-239): 赤名
June 15: Cucumber/Rails (minutes: 絵面)
D) Cucumber Details (pp. 243-273): 朝倉
E) Rails Intro (pp. 277-292 + additional material): 速水
June 22: Browsers and Views (minutes: 石原)
F) Webrat and Selenium (pp. 293-325): 古堂
G) Rails Views (pp. 327-340 + additional material): 杉本
June 29: Controllers and Models (minutes: 赤名)
H) Rails Controllers (pp. 341-360 + additional material): 本多
I) Rails Models (pp. 361-383+ additional material): 石原
July 6: Applications (minutes: 石原)
J) Character Encoding Conversion (String#encode): 宮武
K) SVuGy: 五十嵐