Information Technology Seminar I: Schedule

Metaprogramming Ruby

and other Ruby Topics

Aoyama Gakuin University, Summer 2010, Martin J. Dürst (last updated 2010-04-14)

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Pages refer to Paolo Perrotta, Metaprogramming Ruby, The Pragmatic Programmers, 2010

April 14
Introduction: Martin J. Dürst
April 21
Software installation and first Ruby exercises: Shunichi Matsubara

Metaprogramming Basics

April 28: Monday: The Object Model (minutes: 稲垣)
pp. xvii-9: 森下 (slides)
pp. 9-35: 瀬戸 (slides, manuscript)
May 5 (Holiday)
May 12: Tuesday: Methods (minutes: 瀬戸)
pp. 39-48: 押田 (slides)
pp. 48-67: 長崎 (slides)
May 19: Wednesday: Blocks (minutes: 長崎)
pp. 69-85: 小野 (slides)
pp. 86-99: 辻 (slides, manuscript)
May 26: Thursday: Class Definitions (minutes: 辻)
pp. 101-116: 佐藤 (slides, manuscript)
June 2: Friday: Code That Writes Code (minutes: 佐藤)
pp. 139-152: 藤田 (slides)
pp. 152-167: 柳沢 (slides, manuscript)
June 9: (minutes: 森下)
pp. 223-238: 稲垣 (slides)
pp. 116-137: 長久保 (slides)

Metaprogramming Applied

June 16: (minutes: 長久保)
Ruby Internationalization (incl. Character Escapes for Ruby): 押田 (slides)
Rails introduction: 藤田 (slides, installation instructions)
June 23: Active Record (minutes: 押田)
pp. 171-186: 小野 (slides)
June 30: Testing (minutes: 藤田)
(Mini)Test::Unit (Programming Ruby 1.9, pp. 183-194): 柳沢 (slides)
MSpec/RubySpec: 長崎 (slides)
July 7 (minutes: 柳沢)
Rake: 瀬戸 (slides)
Markaby: 稲垣 (slides)
July 14 (minutes: 小野)
SVuGy: General Introduction: 森下 (slides)
Metaprogramming in SVuGy: 辻 (slides)
July 21
Adhearson: 長久保 (slides; minutes: 辻)
Active Record (pp. 187-204): 佐藤 (slides; manuscript; minutes: 押田)
July 23-August 5
(Term Final Examinations)