Implementing Better Source Editing
for Bidirectional XHTML and XML

Martin J. Dürst (
with Kunihiro Sato

32th Internationalization and Unicode Conference,
September 2008, San Jose, CA, USA

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What's Your Background?

The Problem

HTML and XML source is easily readable:

<p>Welcome <img scr='fuji.jpg'
   alt="Mt. Fuji"> to Japan!</p>

HTML and XML source with Arabic or Hebrew gets garbled:

<p>ابةتث <img scr='foo.jpg'
   alt=" جحخد"> ذرزسش!</p>
<p>אבגד  <img scr='foo.jpg'
   alt="הוזח"> טיךכ!</p>

The Reason

Potential 'Solutions'

The Real Soultion

Implementation Options

Why Javascript?

Demo: Current Application Structure


Tested with

(all on a Japanese Windows XP with SP 3)

How it Works

HTML/XML source treated as simple data

Marked up again for coloring and bidi corrections

Whenever source changes:

Strengthening Syntax Characters

Show Marks

Warn about Controls

HTML Embeddings and Overrrides

Next Steps



Please test prototype and provide feedback!