Information Technology Seminar I: Schedule

Agile Software Development

Aoyama Gakuin University, Summer 2007, Martin J. Dürst (updated 2007-04-24-a)

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April 11
Introduction; Martin J. Dürst
April 18
XP: Values and Principles (柏木 slides, notes) [XP Explained, pp. 1-35]; XP: Practices (佐藤 slides) [XP Explained, pp. 35-71]; minutes: 千葉
April 25
XP: Planning (高橋 slides) [XP Explained, Chapter 12 (pp. 91-95), Planning XP]; Testing: Overview (島村 slides) [Test-Driven, pp. iX-xiii, xvii-xix, p. 123-131], [XP Refactored, Chapter 8 (pp. 183-200)]; minutes: 佐藤
May 2
Testing: Example (村石 slides) [Test-Driven, pp. 1-87]; Testing: Patterns (押見 slides) [Test-Driven, pp. 133-205]; minutes: 高橋
May 9
Refactoring: Overview (木内 slides, notes) [Refactoring, Chapter 2 (pp. 53-73), XP Refactored, Chapter 9 (pp. 201-226)]; Code Smells (小川 slides, notes) [Refactoring, Chapter 3 (pp. 75-88)]; minutes: 村石
May 16
Refactoring: Example (高沢 slides, source code) [Refactoring, TBD]; Refactoring: Methods as Functions (平本 slides, notes) [Refactoring, TBD]; minutes: 押見
May 23
Refactoring: Methods and Classes (柏木 slides, source code, notes) [Refactoring, TBD]; Refactoring: Data I (本間 slides) [Refactoring, TBD]; minutes: 平本
May 30
Refactoring: Data II (千葉 slides) [Refactoring, TBD]; Refactoring: Conditionals (島村 slides, source code) [Refactoring, TBD]; minutes?: 高沢
June 6
Refactoring: Method Calls (木内 slides, notes) [Refactoring, pp. 271-315]; Refactoring: Generalization (高橋 slides, notes) [Refactoring, pp. 319-355]; minutes: 島村
June 13
Pair Programming (村石 slides?) [(TBD)], [XP Refactored, Chapter 6 (pp. 135-160)]; Pair Programming Example (小川 slides, notes) [AgileM, Chapter 6, The Bowling Game, pp. 43-84]; minutes: 木内
June 20
Tools: Refactoring with Eclipse (本間 slides) [(TBD)]; Agile Desing (高沢 slides?) [AgileM, pp. 85-145(--)]; minutes: 小川
June 27
Tools: Ruby (佐藤 slides?) [(TBD)]; Tools: Rails (押見 slides) [(TBD)]; minutes: 柏木
July 4
(Monday Lectures!)
July 11
Methodology: SCRUM (平本 slides?) [ (++)]; Retrospective (千葉 slides?) [Retrospectives (--)]; minutes?: 本間
July 18
(Supplementary Lectures)
July 25
(Term Final Examinations)


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