Information Technology Seminar II: Schedule

New Web Technology

Aoyama Gakuin University, Winter 2006, Martin J. Dürst (updated 2006-10-04)

(links to presentations and minutes are only accessible with a password)

September 27
Introduction; Martin J. Dürst
October 4
Making Slides with XHTML and Amaya; Martin J. Dürst
October 11
CSS: 小林; minutes: 大川
October 18
DOM: 今田; minutes: 青木
October 25
XSLT: 田邉; minutes: 笠原
November 1
Microformats: 武田; minutes: 児玉
November 8
Javascript: 荻本; minutes: 福田
November 15
XForms: 大川; minutes: 小林
November 22
SVG: 青木; minutes: 今田
December 1 (Friday, 4th class, 14:55-16:25)
SOAP: 笠原; minutes: 田邉
December 6
WSDL: 児玉; minutes: 武田
December 13
RDF: 福田; minutes: 荻本
December 20
Lab Presentation (各研究室の紹介)
December 27/January 3
(Winter Vacations)
January 10
(Monday Lectures!)
January 17
(Supplementary Lectures)
January 24/31
(Term Final Exams)