Information Technology Seminar I: Schedule

Programming Languages

Aoyama Gakuin University, Summer 2006, Martin J. Dürst (updated 2006-04-19)

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April 12
April 19
XSLT: Presentation: 阿部 裕行, Minutes: 濱中,
April 26
no lecture!
May 3
(Constitution Day)
May 10
なでしこ:  日本語プログラミング言語「なでしこ」、クジラ飛行机 (著), ISBN 4-8399-1764-7. Presentation: 内田 俊, Minutes: 五十嵐, Discussion: 朝日, 青柳
May 17
Occam: Presentation: 湖上 潤, Minutes: 阿部, Discussion: 濱中, 平塚
May 24
Ruby: The Ruby Programming Language, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Article Series at ( Ruby, Thomas Østerlie, Linux Journal, Vol. 2002, Issue 95, p. 4. Ruby in the CS curriculum, Brent Baas, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Vol. 17, Issue 5, April 2002, pp. 95-103. At the forge: ruby on rails, Reuven M. Lerner, Linux Journal, Vol. 2005, Issue 138, p. 8. Presentation (Notes): 富永 晃司, Minutes: 内田, Discussion: 五十嵐, 朝日
May 31
Prolog, Presentation: 莊司 慶行, Minutes: 富永, Discussion: 阿部, 濱中
June 7
JavaScript, Objects with prototype-based mechanisms, Linda Wilkens, Journal of Com4puting Sciences in Colleges, Vor. 17, Issue 3, Feb. 2002, pp. 131-140. Presentation: 加野 宏明, Minutes: 富永, Discussion: 内田, 五十嵐
June 14
AspectJ, Aspect Oriented Programming, G. Murphy, Ch. Schwanninger, IEEE Software, 2006/1; Applying AspectJ to J2EE Application Development, N. Lesiecki, IEEE Software, 2006/1. Presentation (Notes): 青柳 慶, Minutes: 莊司, Discussion: 加野, 阿部
June 21
Lisp, Presentation (Notes): 平塚 飛将, Minutes: 加野, Discussion: 富永, 内田
June 28
Logo, Presentation: 朝日 信成, Minutes: 青柳, Discussion: 莊司, 平塚
July 5
Haskell, Haskell in 5 steps - HaskellWiki, Beginning with the Haskell Programming Language, David Mertz, A gentle Introduction to Haskell 98, Paul Hudak, John Peterson, Joseph H. Fasel, Presentation: 濱中 悠三, Minutes: 平塚, Discussion: 加野, 富永
July 11/12 (supplementary lectures)
APL, Presentation: 五十嵐 沢馬, Minutes: 朝日, Discussion: 青柳, 莊司