Exploring Better Source Editing for Bidirectional XHTML and XML

Martin J. Dürst (duerst@it.aoyama.ac.jp)
with Shiro Horie and Yusaku Wada

28th Internationalization and Unicode Conference,
September 2005, Orlando, Florida, USA

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© 2005 Martin J. Dürst Aoyama Gakuin University

The Problem

HTML and XML source is easily readable:

<p>Hello, <img scr='foo.jpg'
   alt="abcd efgh"> IJKLM!</p>

HTML and XML source with Arabic or Hebrew gets garbled:

<p>Hello, <img scr='foo.jpg'
   alt="ابةتث جحخد"> ذرزسش!</p>
<p>Hello, <img scr='foo.jpg'
   alt="אבגד הוזח"> טיךכ!</p>

The Reason

The Solution

Methodology: Prototyping

The Importance of Source

Why is surce important?


(see paper or ask)

What has to happen:

Implementation Details: Parsing

Three different kinds of structures:

The main problem: mismatch between XML syntactic units and lines. Even an attribute value can cover more than one line.

Prototype Demo


Prototype Configuration Options


Please test prototype and provide feedback!

Future Work