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Bidi Source Editing Prototype

Overview and Links

Editing HTML or XML source that contains bidirectional (Arabic/Hebrew) text is difficult.

Testing Prototype (Web form): Please try it out and provide feedback and comments!

Paper: Exploring Better Source Editing for Bidirectional XHTML and XML

Slides: Exploring Better Source Editing for Bidirectional XHTML and XML

Documentation for Testing Prototype

Our Testing Prototype is a simple Web form that allows you to try out how HTML or XML source code is displayed using our research results, and to provide feedback for further improvement. It should be possible to use the prototype without much instruction, but below is a short description of each available option.

Your feedback will be most valuable if it answers one or more of the following questions:


This option allows you to indicate how you would like us to treat the source code that you submit for testing. The meaning of the options is as follows:
We will not store the source you have submitted in any form.
internal use
We will use the source for internal analysis (maybe together with your feedback), but will not use it in publications.
publishing okay
You give us permission to use your example in publications.

We will always store your feedback because otherwise, it wouldn't be feedback. Also, our server always stores log data for statistical analysis and server tuning.

Description for other options to follow.

Martin J. Dürst, 2005/09/08