Information Technology Seminar I: Schedule

Aoyama Gakuin University, Summer 2005, Martin J. Dürst (updated 2005-06-01; ※: discussion notes)

April 13th
Introduction (Code Reading: Foreword, pp. xxi-xxiii)
April 20th
a) Computer Programming as an Art (Donald E. Knuth 1974; «Literate Programming», pp. 1-16): 川口 (※藤森)
b) Programming Pearls: Sampling (Jon Bentley, 1986; «Literate Programming», pp. 137-149) + How to read a Web (Donald E. Knuth 1986; «Literate Programming», pp. 179-184): 田島 (※中島)
April 27th
c) Literate Programming (Donald E. Knuth 1984; «Literate Programming», pp. 99-136) [skip examples]: 梅田 (※川口)
e) An Example of CWEB (Silvio Levi, Donald E. Knuth 1990; «Literate Programming», pp. 341-348) [install; compare with default wc implementation]: 千葉 (※田島)
May 4th
May 11th
g) Code Reading, 2.1-2.8 Basic Programming Elements, pp. 19-45: 田村 (※梅田)
h) Code Reading, 2.9-2.11, 3.2-3.3, 3.5, pp. 45-60 + 75-84 + 91-93: 林 (※田村)
May 18th
i) Code Reading, 3 Advanced C Data Types: Pointers, memory allocation, pp. 61-75 + 84-90: 駒澤 (※吉川)
j) Code Reading, 4.1-4.5 C Data Structures: Vectors-Sets, pp. 95-117: 長島 (※林)
k) Code Reading, 4.6-4.9 C Data Structures: Linked Lists-Graphs, pp. 117-141: 武井 (※駒澤)
May 25th
m) Code Reading, 8 Documentation, pp. 241-266: 藤森 (※千葉)
n) Code Reading, 11 A Complete Example, pp. 379-398: 中島 (※会田)
June 1st
d) Programming Pearls, Continued: Common Words (Donald E. Knuth, M.D. McIlroy 1986; «Literate Programming», pp. 151-177) [including critique]: 吉川 (※武井)
f) Code Reading, 1 Introduction, pp. 1-17: 会田 (※濱井)
a) Code Reading, 5.1/5.3 Recursion, Parallelism, pp.143-150 + 154-165: 田島 (※川口)
June 8th
b) Code Reading, 5.2/5.4-5.6 Exceptions, Signals,..., pp. 150-154 + 165-177: 田村 (※長島)
c) Code Reading, 6.1-6.4 Tackling Large Projects, Build/Configuration,..., pp. 179-202: 藤森 (※会田)
d) tool: make/imake/automake: 千葉 (※田島)
June 15th
e) tool: ant: 吉川 (※田村)
l) Code Reading, 7 Coding Standards and Convertions, pp. 225-240: 濱井 (※長島)
f) Code Reading, 6.5-6.7 Revision Control, Testing, pp. 202-224: 中島 (※藤森)
June 22nd
g) tool: CVS (versioning system): 林 (※千葉)
h) tool: Subversion (versioning system): 駒澤 (※吉川)
June 29th
i) Code Reading, 9.1-9.2 Architecture: System Structures, Control Models, pp. 267-292: 梅田 (※中島)
j) Code Reading, 9.3 Element Packaging, pp. 292-328: 武井 (※林)
July 6th
k) Code Reading, 9.4 Architecture Reuse, pp. 328-338 [expand]: 濱井 (※駒澤)
l) Code Reading, 10.1-10.10.4 Tools, pp. 339-357 [incl. tool example(s)]: 川口 (※梅田)
July 13th
m) Code Reading, 10.5-10.9 Tools, pp. 357-378 [incl. tool example(s)]: 長島 (※武井)
n) tool: Eclipse [for code reading]: 会田 (※濱井)
July 19th to July 30th
(end-of-term examinations)