2017/9/19: Presentation at at Ruby Kaigi 2017: Regular Expressions Inside Out, by Martin J. Dürst

2016/12/25: Ruby 2.4 released, Unicode-wide case mappings for String/Symbol classes contributed by our Lab

2016/11/03: Presentation at IUC 40 (Internationalization and Unicode Conference): Internationalization in Ruby 2.4

2016/09/08: Presentation at Ruby Kaigi 2016: Ups and Downs of Ruby Internationalization, by Martin J. Dürst

2015/12/12: Lightning Talk at Ruby Kaigi 2015: Automating View Internationalization in Ruby on Rails by Kota Kariyado (in Japanese)

2015/10/26: Tutorial at IUC 39 (Internationalization and Unicode Conference): Internationalization and Localization in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, by Martin J. Dürst

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