2013/10/22: Tutorial and Presentation at the IUC 37 (Internationalization and Unicode Conference): Tutorial: Equivalence, Mapping, and Normalization, by Martin J. Dürst, and Implementing Normalization in Pure Ruby - the Fast and Easy Way, by Martin J. Dürst

2013/10/18: Efficient Pure Ruby Unicode Normalization (eprun), by Martin J. Dürst and Ayumu NOJIMA published on GitHub

2013/06/02: Lightning Talk by Martin J. Dürst at Ruby Hiroba 2013 (in Japanese)

2012/10/24: Tutorial and Presentation at the IUC 36 (Internationalization and Unicode Conference): Internationalization and Localization in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, by Martin J. Dürst, and Update on Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRI) and Email Address Internationalization (EAI), by Martin J. Dürst with Shunsuke Oshima and Ayumu Nojima

2012/3/6-8: Presentations at the 74th National Convention of IPSJ (情報処理学会全国大会): 瀬戸亮之ら、モバイル端末における AR ブラウザの提案と実装; 辻辰也ら、視線追跡装置および動作認識装置を連動させた直感的入力システムの開発; 松本翔太ら、大学のプログラミング教育における可読性の影響の調査

2011/10/18: Presentation/Paper at IUC 35 by Shunsuke Oshima and Martin J. Dürst: Implementing Better Source Editing for Bidirectional HTML and XMLin the Text Editor Emacs

2010/11/08: RFC 6082, Deprecating Unicode Language Tag Characters: RFC 2482 is Historic, published.

2010/10/04: The 'mailto' URI Scheme published as RFC 6068, making it possible to use mailto: with IRIs.

2009/10/15: Two presentations at IUC 33 (Internationalization and Unicode Conference) by Martin J. Dürst: Internationalization in Ruby 1.9 and Update on Internationalized Domain Names and Internationalized Resource Identifiers

2009/09/23: 「ベイジアンフィルタにおける言語知識を用いないトークン抽出方式の提案と評価」(藤田拓也, 松本章代, Martin J. Dürst) を情報処理学会論文誌 Vol. 50, No. 9, pp. 2182-2192 (Sep. 2009) にて公開。

2009/09/15: Requirements for String Identity Matching and String Indexing by Martin J. Dürst published as a W3C Working Group Note

2008/09/: Presentation at IUC 32 (Internationalization and Unicode Conference) by Martin J. Dürst: Implementing Better Source Editing for Bidirectional XHTML and XML

2007/12/26: Ruby 1.9 released, character encoding conversion contributed by our Lab

2007/12/22: RFC 5064 on The Archived-At Message Header published

2007/09/06: SVuGy (creating SVG with Ruby) presented at SVG Open 2007 (paper, presentation) and published as version 0.03

2007/07/06: Amaya 9.55 includes text/plain fragment identifier implementation by graduate student Yusuke Ishii.

2007/06/06: charesc Ruby Gem released; makes available encoding-independent Unicode based character escapes

2007/03/27: First version of langtag Ruby Gem published; supports IETF BCP 47 language tags

2007/03/15: New publication: RFC 4790, Internet Application Protocol Collation Registry, coauthored by Chris Newman, Martin J. Dürst, and Arnt Gulbrandsen

2005/09/15: Talk (and additional materials) at the 28th Internationalization and Unicode Conference published

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